All items listed on this booking portal will have the necessary information needed.
If it’s not there please feel free to mail us at and we will update where possible.

Below is some tips on how to book, receive and return your items.

Pick your Category – e.g Maternity dresses

Choose your item and click on read more

Now you will be on a screen with a booking function, images on your left and when you scroll down you will find the description area.

Click on the date your rental will start …. The day you will be using the item (We have items ready for collection a day prior), and click on the end date for your rental.

E.g from the below we will start using this item on the 15th and we will return it on the 23rd.

Wait a few seconds the portal will update the cost for you and allow you to press the “book now” button

When an item is not available you will not be able to press on the date, the portal will have all kinds of crosses and colours to let you know it’s not available.

When there is more than 1 item available you will see the below “Persons” tab where you can adjust if you would like more than 1 item. When seeing these red dots some items has been booked but there is more available, once again the portal will not allow you to book if there is not sufficient stock available.

After choosing all your items you can scroll to the top – a bar showing your last item which has been added click on “View Cart” or in the main bar click on “Cart

All your items will now show in your cart if you want to remove an item, click on the red cross. When you are happy with your items scroll down. Your total amount due will show and the option to choose for a courier service will be available.

Click on collection/Return if you prefer to arrange yourself
Click Local Cpt courier if you prefer us to arrange delivery and collection of items. Should your items be to big/heavy this option will not be available feel free to mail us for a custom quotation. ( (In the meantime you can proceed with your booking on the collect/return option we will adjust this manually afterwards)

Click on proceed to checkout

Complete your details, leave us a special note if needed, make sure you have read our terms and accept T’s & C’s
Click on the “Place order button.”

Congratulations, you have placed an order.
You will now see a screen with a summary of your order, banking details etc
From there we will communicate via Whatsapp to notify you we have received payment and collection/shipping information.

XX Nerine