Welcome to our Maternity section.
Please familiarise yourself with our booking system by reading the below.

Items are booked directly from the website we do unfortunately not accept telephone/email bookings, the website is linked with availability to ensure no double bookings.

Bookings are not refundable or extendable. Rentals SA cannot predict the weather or any 3rd party happenings please make sure when booking you are certain of your dates. We do not issue refunds and coupon codes are only issued if your booking spot has been filled.

Fittings – Table View Cape Town
Please do not book dresses with your fitting, all dresses in stock for the day will be available to fit.

Your rental has a 1 day grace period before and after your booking date for delivery and return.

How to book
Click on the start date for your rental, then on the end date for your rental.
Click Book Now, do this for all your items.

Once done, click on the cart button on the top right hand side of your screen and follow the checkout section.
Your booking has only been placed once the website says booking confirmed and you have received an email.

Unpaid bookings will automatically be returned to stock around 13:00 daily if no proof of payment has been received. We can unfortunately not postpone unpaid orders to keep it fair for all clients.

Kind Regards

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