LayBuy Maternity Packages

The Laybuy plan is the perfect way to pay off your investment for those treasured memories without breaking the bank.

This agreement is made between the Customer, Rentals SA and the chosen Photographer to form a package deal for the supply of Photography Images.

No Interest will be charged on the total Purchase price.

Statements can be viewed via your account directly from the website.
Statements will be updated once payment reflects on our bank statement.

The customer will need to make an initial payment within our standard payment rules (daily before 13:00) to ensure the agreement is not automatically cancelled.

Payments can be made in any increments any time but atleast every 30 days to ensure commitment for the duration as per agreement chosen.

Booking dates will only be scheduled once full payment has been received.

The client has the right to cancel the agreement at any time prior to a scheduled booking date.

In the event the client cancels the agreement or fails to make payment at the frequency required Rentals SA will refund the amount already paid and subtract a 30% cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee is a standard % fee as compensation for the loss of time & resources spent on the agreement.

The cancellation fee will be deducted from paid funds, additional funds will be returned to the client within 7 working days.

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