Rentals SA – T’s & C’s is maintained by Maslo Trading Pty Ltd. From time to time we will also be know as “RSA”, “We”, “Us”, “Rentals SA” , “Portal”  “Website”.

The person using our website will be know as “You”, “Client”

The terms set out below and use of the website is our contract with you and says what you and us can and can’t do to with and to each other.

RSA is a pretty awesome website which rents all types of equipment on a short term basis.

For this Agreement/contract unless the context indicates otherwise:
*     Accessories means all items supplied
*     Delivery means delivering equipment by Rentals SA
*     Hirer means, the person or entity specified according to the booking
*     Lessor means, us – Rentals SA or any of our Nominees & Assignees
*     Rental Period means the start to end dates chosen as per the booking
*     Return means the end date according to the booking portal
*     Agreement or Booking portal process means the agreement entered into
between the lessor and hirer in terms of which the lessor rents
equipment/services as set out from the Booking Portal.

Delivery & Service Policy
We only dispatch items after payment has been received in full as per the booking portal, by means of paying you are accepting all the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Confirmed rentals before 09:00 will be delivered in Cape Town with a same day service. After 09:00 confirmed rentals will be delivered the next day and regional areas will differ according to how far off the grid you are.

You will receive a tracking number to follow up on your parcel, Rentals SA will be available for enquiries please feel free to contact us if you need an update on your parcel.

Although we have searched far and wide for a great courier service, things do happen where they might run late or a flight got messed up and forgot to take your parcel and so forth please don’t blame Rentals SA, we ensure you bottoms will be smacked and we will follow up as best as we can and replace equipment if the means are possible.

Please ensure items are packed in their original cases, sealed & marked with a return waybill. It’s your responsibility to let Rentals SA know when parcels are ready for collection. Either connect with or send a text message to +27 83 419 0555 with trackable information.

We do not facilitate courier services beyond South African borders. Please make arrangements with Rentals SA before bookings are confirmed to ensure we will be able to assist with an alternative method to return items.

Use of Equipment
Please don’t steal our stock, by this we mean any product’s or contents on our website, if we did not give permission please don’t do it!

We are protected by all types of scary laws which we do not like to visit too often so please spare us the trip.

Additional charges may incur if our items are damaged, not working or not in the same condition as you received it. This will include charges for additional satellite phone airtime. Should payment fail you will be liable to pay all outstanding fees, including monthly interest & Legal fees if applicable and we can collect these fees by all means possible.

No Liability/Warranty
All the content provided by Rentals SA is “as is” we do not warrant:
*   the use will meet your needs/requirements
*   the use will be uninterrupted or free from errors
*   the info will be accurate or reliable

You agree and understand you will not have any claim against Rentals SA for whatever reason. Rentals SA will not be liable for any loss or damage while using our equipment or website

We’re disclaiming all warranties & Liability for anything and everything

We really want you to like us and us you, therefore please don’t let us suffer the frustration of the following:

*  Don’t spam, we are not a classified directory
*  Don’t give us viruses & hack our Equipment
*  Don’t post negative comments, be kind
*  Robots = big no no!!! just don’t do it
*  Don’t be a drol, a drol is someone who just does not feel the need to be kind
or rational
*  Don’t post things you are not supposed to or have permission to

If you don’t follow the rules we will have no choice but to be little tittle tales and tell the blue suites what you did. When we fail to enforce our rights onto one person this does not mean we cannot enforce our rights at any other given time for other offences.

Refund and return policy
Rentals SA ensures 100% functional items when dispatched, we do not offer refunds unless something has really gone hay wire.
Rentals SA do not refund cancelled bookings, bad weather or any unforseen circumstances.

If there is any issues, let us know asap so we can make special arrangements where possible.

Lastly for Satellite Equipment we cannot refund airtime, it’s just not possible unfortunately.

Privacy, Use & Conduct
When visiting our website & Accessing info, resources, products, services & Tools you agree to use these only for the purpose intended as permitted by the terms of the agreement and applicable laws, regulations & General accepted practises.

You may need to provide information about yourself when registering an account, you agree that information provided is accurate & up to date. From time to time if we deem neccessary you fully agree that we may use your information to do a credit check. You will at all times be responsible for your account.

You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, sell, trade or resell our and our clients content.

Any inappropriate use is strictly prohibited unless authorised by Rentals SA

Governing Law
Our website can be accessed by most countries, by accessing you agree to South African Laws and regulations.

Any actions taken with our ways of doing will be brought in courts of South Africa.

Rentals SA prefers to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. In the event of a dispute please get in contact with one of our superiors first to ensure all parties involved has been informed.

Regarding third party links, companies and so forth, Rentals SA will not take any responsibility over content or disputes, please contact them directly.

Directory Listing Section
We have to be a bit bossy on this section. Please take note, we may reject your posting. We need to make sure it’s all legal and awesome before approval.

If you are giving us content for the directory you are doing all the sacred handshake promises with a lot of pinky’s to say it’s yours or you have permission to use it on our Directory.